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Away From Home

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Fair, etc.

I know I haven't bloged lately. I have been kinda busy. Saturday I went to the Dickinson County Free Fair over in Abliene. Our family did the usual look at all the smelly animals etc. Then I met up with some my friends and watched a band made up of mostly Solomon-ites play in the band shell. They are kinda punk rocker-ish, but fun.

Sunday, a bunch of us went to the the demolition derby. I had never been before. It was interesting and pretty fun until the finale, if you will, in which they didn't seem to really hit eachother. A friend of mine's boyfriend was in the rookie's portion. He did pretty good. I found out that on Tuesday he got 7th out of 23.

Last night Emily and I spent the night at my best friend's new apartment. There were going to be a few more people but for one reason or another, they didn't make it. That's ok though; we had a good time. We didn't really do much just hung out and went on some walks around the exciting town of Concordia, KS. It was kinda sad because we'll still keep in touch and all but we won't really get to hang out anymore. Oh well, I try not to dwell on that.

I only have two more days of work, Thursday and Saturday. Then, I leave on Wednesday.


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