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Away From Home

Monday, August 01, 2005

Missouri Adventure

A friend of mine is going to attend what is now called Missouri State, and her uncle lives there. The two of us made a trip down there so that she could set a position at her job and I tagged along for fun.

I had to work until 8 on Saturday so we left at about 9 that night. It is quite a trip down there, we made it at about 2:40 am.

On Sunday, she took me to see her school. The building were nice, from the outside anyway, but it needed more grass. It was all parking lotted, etc. Then we went to Bass Pro Shop. I had never been there and it was amazingly huge. Then we took a trip to the mall for a short while. After that we went to this huge fair. They had a talent show that was awesome. We heard a 14-year-old, who sang an Alicia Keys song, that was amazing. I also found out that Springfeild has ALOT (I mean ALOT) of hillbillies. I saw more cloggers in one night than I thought I'd see in my lifetime. There was also a yodler. So that was interesting. We left before the end of the adult portion to go meet one of her roommates. She'll have three and this one lives in Springfeild so she met us at a Starbucks. Neither of us had never been to one so that was quite an adventure. I kinda liked it and her roommate is really nice.

Today, Courtney did some things she needed to do. Then, we hit the road. We got back at about 9:30 tonight. So it was quite a weekend.


  • You were surprised to find a lot of Hillbillies in Springfield... Missouri? As in the state directly east of us? Are you certain of your geography?

    By Blogger Logan C. Adams, at 8/03/2005 10:49:00 PM  

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