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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Rumsfeld hearts torture

Some people still maintain that anyone who criticizes the administration or the War on Terror is opposing the troops. Far from it. From the Washington Post, courtesy of Daily Kos:

The nation's top military man, Marine Gen. Peter Pace, said American troops in Iraq have a duty to intercede and stop abuse of prisoners by Iraqi security personnel.

. . . When UPI's Pam Hess asked about torture by Iraqi authorities, [Secretary of Defense Donald] Rumsfeld replied that "obviously, the United States does not have a responsibility" other than to voice disapproval.

But Pace had a different view. "It is the absolute responsibility of every U.S. service member, if they see inhumane treatment being conducted, to intervene, to stop it," the general said.

Rumsfeld interjected: "I don't think you mean they have an obligation to physically stop it; it's to report it."

But Pace meant what he said. "If they are physically present when inhumane treatment is taking place, sir, they have an obligation to try to stop it," he said, firmly.

This, I believe, is a good example of why it's good (and how it's possible) to support the troops while opposing the administration. It's also heartening to note that the military has the right idea, while Rumsfeld is just a kook.


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