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Away From Home

Friday, September 23, 2005

Palmeiro told to go home

Palmeiro done (forever?):

Rafael Palmeiro's tumultuous season came to an end Friday when the
Baltimore Orioles, tired of the distraction stemming from his suspension for steroids, told him he was no longer welcome on the team.

The decision came on the same day Palmeiro was scheduled to return from spending time at home rehabilitating his right knee and left ankle. But the Orioles figured it was best they cut their ties for now.

"He wanted to come back and play, but I think in this instance we had to do what we felt was best for the rest of the players out there," Orioles executive vice president Jim Beattie said.

It's about time. Him trying to salvage his season was getting to be a joke.


  • Salvage his season? It is September 24 for crying out loud! What could he do in 9 games to salvage anything? I thought when he went home to Texas a while back that was the end. And what is this now with implicating Miggie? Sorry, Raffy, but I have lost a little respect for you here.

    By Anonymous dod, at 9/24/2005 04:38:00 PM  

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