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Away From Home

Friday, August 05, 2005

Restaurant Week part dos

Today being the last day of Restaurant Week, much of the office went out to take advantage. And it was expensed! Woot! My main hope was that it would be better than the Oval Room.

The venue of choice was Sam & Harry's, most likely chosen because it is 1 block from the office. It seems to be somewhat of a jazz venue, with various portraits and things on the walls. I will have to remember that, next time I feel like jazz.

The menu was shorter than at the Oval Room. 2 appetizers, 3 entrees, 2 desserts. Might be because the lunch menu is always smaller; I don't know. It made the decisions pretty easy, though.

For an appetizer, I had chilled tomato soup. Yes, cold soup. It was good, though, and only slightly tasted like pizza sauce. In direct contrast to the spartan portion of shrimp I received at the Oval Room, this one actually came in a regular sized bowl. Which was full. Imagine that!

The entree was chicken, on a bed of potatoes and cooked with a rosemary sauce. Again, in a shocking development, it was regular sized! And quite good, I might add. Tender and juicy, seasoned just right.

But the dessert topped all. CHOCOLATE PECAN PIE! And oh yes my friends, it tasted every bit as good as it sounds.

Sam & Harry's was everything that the Oval Room was not. Good food, good portions (5 hours after finishing, I'm still not hungry), quality service.

This, I believe, is what an upscale restaurant should be.


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