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Monday, August 01, 2005

More on Palmeiro

From Palmeiro's statement today:

I am here to make it very clear that I have never intentionally used steroids. Never. Ever. Period. When I found out that I failed a test under the new drug policy, I filed a grievance and challenged the suspension on the basis that I have never intentionally taken a banned substance. Ultimately, although I never intentionally put a banned substance into my body, the independent arbitrator ruled that I had to be suspended under the terms of the program.

I am sure you will ask how I tested positive for a banned substance. As I look back, I don't have a specific answer to give. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to explain to the arbitrator how the banned substance entered my body. The arbitrator did not find that I used a banned substance intentionally in fact, he said he found my testimony to be compelling but he ruled that I could not meet the heavy burden imposed on players who test positive under the new drug policy. I accept this punishment and want to address it publicly. . . . I feel terrible that this has happened, but I think there is something to be gained from it. If my situation results in the education of current and future players about the dangers of taking anything without a prescription from a licensed physician -- that is a positive. At the end of the
day, it is important for all players to understand the risk of contamination and to be very careful about what they put in their body.

He says he never intentionally used any banned substances. Do you believe him? Do you think it should even matter whether he meant to or not?


  • How do you take it intentionally?

    Did someone sneak anabolic steroids into his milkshake or something?

    By Blogger Logan C. Adams, at 8/01/2005 07:22:00 PM  

  • You can get them unintentionally as part of other supplements... i.e. off-the-shelf products that contain small amounts of a banned substance.

    By Blogger Scott, at 8/01/2005 07:25:00 PM  

  • I do wish he had gone into a little bit of explanation as to what might have happened. For example, there are a lot of treatments for skin disorders (eczema and acne, to name a couple of them) that contain steroids. There may be a simple explanation, but we have not heard it yet.

    Do I believe him? Don't know at this point. But look at him. He does not exhibit the characterisicts of your typical steroid abuser. (Enlarged neck, etc)

    Should it matter if he meant to or not? No, not the way the drug policy was adopted. The rule is the rule, and with that wording, he is guilty.

    Do I agree with the policy? Not necessarily.

    And for the future question -- does he belong in the Hall? Definitely! You don't put up those kind of numbers just because you have used performance enhancers -- IF indeed he has.

    By Anonymous dod, at 8/02/2005 12:22:00 AM  

  • Reports today are that he was taking the same stuff that Ben Johnson took when he got caught in the Olympics.

    The story becomes harder and harder to defend.

    By Blogger Scott, at 8/03/2005 08:29:00 PM  

  • OK. So my thought it could have been something over the counter is not possible. I agree after we learned today that what was found was stanozolol. And yes, it is getting harder and harder to defend.

    But I still want to know more. I understand that more info will be coming in the next day or two, as Congress is pursuing possible perjury charges. I heard something on TV about a statement, or possibly accusation, his agent Arn Tellem made today, but did not catch all of it and do not know who it was about.

    The saga will continue. . .

    By Anonymous dod, at 8/04/2005 12:32:00 AM  

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