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Away From Home

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Memo-writing sadness

I'm now up to 8 interviews, starting at 10:50 Monday morning. And I don't have a finished writing sample. Sigh.

But why, you ask? Here's why. At work, we tend to be more functional than formal, so when a question is asked, they want the answer quickly, not formally. Writing the answer in a formal memo takes too long, so I didn't end up with a pile of writing samples, like some people did.

A couple weeks ago, I said that I needed a writing sample. One of the attorneys gave me a question that I could write in memo form, so I did. It ended up at about 6 pages, answering a question about whether or not the business could do a certain thing. They looked at the memo and gave the answer to the business unit, who decided that this info cannot be seen outside the company.

I found this out yesterday morning.

I was able to take the research I'd done and answer a different question, one more fit for public consumption. But because it was conceived and written in only a few hours, it's not polished at all. Fixing that is Goal #1 for this weekend.

In other news, a good friend of mine is in Baltimore this weekend, so I'm going up there tomorrow afternoon. Should be fun!


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