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Friday, August 05, 2005

Lee Iacocca + Snoop Dogg = Visual fun

From the "Is-This-For-Real?" Department, the new Chrysler commercial features Lee Iacocca and Snoop Dogg, in one of the most bizarre pairings imaginable:

The commercial shoot at the Woodland Hills Country Club north of Los Angeles was scheduled to be an all-day affair. More than 100 people and four semi-trailers of equipment were involved.

The playful tone of the script was clear from the opening scene, with Iacocca in a pink golf shirt and tan slacks apparently waiting for someone in front of the club.

Suddenly, a Dodge Ram pickup pulled up. "Nice ride," said Iacocca.

Then Snoop popped out of the driver's seat clad in garish plaid pants and an argyle sweater vest.

"Thank you, Mocha-cocha," he drawled.

The repartee as they headed out to the golf course was classic dead-pan dialogue.

When Snoop exclaimed that he's "got the hook-up, nephew," on a good deal for a Chrysler car, Iacocca feigned puzzlement.

"I'm not sure what you just said, but now anybody gets a great deal," said Iacocca.

Snoop, in his own words, agreed.

"Fo-shizzle," he said, "Ica-zizzle."

They traded lines like it was the most natural thing in the world that a 6-feet-4-inch, goateed rapper would be teeing it up with a grey-haired corporate big-shot.

Their off-camera moments were priceless. In one scene, Snoop drives a pimped-up golf cart with spinner wheels and white leather seats, with Iacocca sitting next to him. When Snoop gunned the cart down a steep hill, Iacocca held on tight.

"How are the brakes on this thing, Snoop?" he said.

"I got you baby," Snoop replied. "But that would be a funny commercial if I tipped over with the boss in here."

"Yeah," Iacocca huffed. "That's funny alright."

With temperatures topping 100 degrees, the shoot was broken into segments so the stars could retreat to shaded tents or air-conditioned motor homes labeled "Mr. Iacocca" and "Mr. Dogg."

Click the article for a behind-the-scenes look, with pictures! Where else are you going to see Iacocca wearing pants you could smuggle immigrants in, and Snoop wearing.... well, you just have to see it. I lack the language skills for an effective description.

It's almost enough to make me want to see the commercial....


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