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Friday, August 12, 2005

Kansas GOP opposes anti-fraud campaign

Chris Biggs, Kansas Securities Commissioner, just launched a new ad campaign to warn citizens about the dangers of fraud. The ads are on TV and radio, and feature situations such as a man getting caught in an illegal investment scheme, and losing everything. Biggs then appears and warns, "Call our office and investigate before you invest."

Good idea, right? Raising fraud awareness is good for Kansas.

Unless, apparently, you're with the Kansas GOP:

"It's blatant campaigning at the expense of the state. We know it. He knows it. There's lots of frauds and scams out there. I'm not certain he didn't just perpetrate one," said State GOP Chairman Tim Shallenburger.

Really, Tim? Are you really sure you want to suggest that the ads are a fraud? That securities and investment fraud isn't really a big concern?

I think he's still sore that he lost to Sebelius.

Get over yourself, Tim, and start thinking about what's best for Kansas, rather than how to get your name in the paper.


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