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Away From Home

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Interviews cinco y seis

Two more interviews this afternoon. I'm posting this recap rather
than, say, doing something productive because -- well, actually, I
don't know. You tell me.

Today's first interview was with a firm we'll call CT. It's a
Midwestern firm (are you sensing a theme here?), in a city that I
haven't spent a whole lot of time in. This interview was interesting
because he mentioned that he used to keep up with all the desktop
computing magazines (not a small task, mind you). The rest of the
interview then essentially wrote itself. Their firm seems to be
pretty technology-centric, which is a big plus for me. They just put
in a new million-dollar conference center, and their extranet portal
uses SecureIDs. Nice. CT didn't interview many people today, so if
they decide to call back anyone from GW, I feel like I have a pretty
good shot of being selected. <i>If</i> they call back anyone.

The second interview today was with BF, from the Upper Midwest /
Rockies. Very nice people. Less of a technology focus here, but it
seemed like they embrace it when it will really help them, rather than
just when it's impressive-looking. A very pragmatic way of looking at
it. They also have a good communications practice in the office that
I'm particularly interested in, which is a huge thing for me. I'd be
pretty excited to work there.


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