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Away From Home

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I hate deadlines

Turns out I almost ruined the best part of my fall semester: the externship.

I was looking through a bunch of info on the coming semester, searching for the book list (I still haven't gotten any books yet). I came across a document on outside placement, which is the process through which I can get class credit for doing an externship. Pretty sweet deal.

Except the deadline to file the Intent to Register form was two weeks ago.

I just stared at it. 'Intent to register' form?!? I've never heard of such nonsense!

To make things even worse, my brain chose that moment to remember the Words of Wisdom that were imparted unto me about the professor in charge of the program:

"She's really nice and really helpful, just as long as you meet the deadlines."

Hoping against hope, I emailed her. I made no excuses, just asked if there was any room left for me.

Turns out that there were "a couple" spots left. Five minutes later, I faxed in the form.

Disaster narrowly averted (I think). I feel very fortunate right now.


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