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Away From Home

Monday, August 15, 2005

FIP Results Round 1

Today was the first release of the on-campus interviewing results, where I first found out which of the 35 firms I bid for took enough pity on me to grant me an interview. Not all of the firms have their lists in yet.

The score: 6-0-15 (interviews - alternates - rejections), with 14 unknown.

Interviews start next week. Some of the firms I was really hoping for are still in the unknown pile, so wish me luck.

And no, I won't say which firms are in which category, at least not publicly -- call me if you really want to know. I will say that every one of the 6 interviewing firms is from a different city, which could make for a very interesting callback schedule if everything goes right.

UDPATE: It appears that some of the firms that show up as "unknown" for me are not unknown for other people, who are taking all the slots. So, don't hold out much hope for any of those to come through.


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