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Away From Home

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Employment news? Not really, but I can pretend

My "informational interview" was today, and it went smoothly, I think. Not spectacularly, and not terribly -- just smoothly. We talked about the industry and about the advantages and disadvantages of working in the FCC to start my career, as opposed to in a firm. Definitely good and bad points on both sides.

In other news, my VP at work is setting me up with another informational interview, this time with Big-Time Partner at Very Prestigious Law Firm That I Have No Chance Of Working At. Exciting, yes, but not too exciting. Today's meeting at least stands some chance of turning into a job.

I'm now at 6-0-22, with 7 pending. Guess I get to start the direct write campaign again. Sigh.


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