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Away From Home

Friday, July 08, 2005

Why do terrorists hate missing white women?

I can't believe I'm actually linking The Huffington Post:

Why Do Terrorists Hate Missing White Women?
by Marty Kaplan

The blanket coverage of London terrorism is a terrible blow to Nancy Grace, Arubans, meteorologists, shark specialists, sexual predator experts, Tom Cruise, creationists, anti-sodomites and all other culture warriors and whackball fear-mongers who until now have owned the media. Just when watching the news was finally beginning to feel the way it did in the summer of 2001 -- terrifying, and yet inconsequential -- the media have forced us to go cold-turkey on crapola. One can only hope that this subsides soon. There will be much to say about Jennifer Garner's pregnancy. Journalistic integrity demands that it once again be given the attention it deserves.

As always, satire remains one of the highest forms of comedy, especially when it's insightful.


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