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Away From Home

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Goin to New York

Tomorrow after work I'm going to... New York City! *cue appalled cowboys* A group of very good friends of mine are going, and wanted me to meet them there -- how could I say no?

Besides the normal touristy stuff, we're going to see The Producers on Saturday night, and a Mets game on Sunday afternoon.

I'm particularly eager to see The Producers, in part because I've never seen an actual Broadway show before, and in part because I want to see whether Broadway is really all that different than the traveling shows I got to see at K-State. I saw some very good shows, too -- for example, Cats, The Sound of Music, and Othello all came through during my senior year. Is Broadway really all that superior? I'm interested to know.

I'm also looking forward to it because we've set up an entire evening around it. We have reservations at Hurley's, a (hopefully) good steak and seafood restaurant before the show, and then when it gets out, we'll find ourselves on Broadway, only a few blocks from Times Square. Not a bad place to spend a Saturday night, I hear.

I've actually never been to New York at all before. I'm sad that I only get two days there; I'll barely be able to scratch the surface of everything there is to do.

That just means I'll have to go back!


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