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Away From Home

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Woo yay airplanes

I was in Kansas City last weekend. I will not say why I was there, because this is not the forum to do so. I'm sorry I didn't actually come into Kansas and see everybody, but I wasn't there for long. I wouldn't have had time to see everyone, so I stayed in KC and hung out with my old roommate Rob and a couple other people from K-State. It was a good time.

But here's the real reason I'm writing about this:

(begin rant)

(come on, you knew it was coming)

I was supposed to fly out of KC at 7:45 Monday night. I had it all timed perfectly: I'd land in DC about 10:45, and have just enough time to get the last train before the Metro shut down. But when I got to the airport and checked in, the agent said that the flight was delayed due to storms in DC, and wouldn't take off until 10:00. Meaning it wouldn't land until after 1:00. Meaning no Metro, and therefore, no going home.

Fortunately, I was able to call up a friend of mine that lives a few blocks from the airport, and he agreed to let me sleep on his couch. He wasn't overjoyed about picking me up after 1:00 am, but I'll make it up to him someday.

Well, this is frustrating, I thought, but at least it's under control.

Someday I'll learn not to tempt life like that. Alas, that day was not yesterday.

We finally got in the air, and were about 45 minutes out of DC when the pilots decided that the storms were still too bad, and that we were going to have to land at Dulles. [Note to the uninitiated: Remember my long rants last week about going to Ashburn? Dulles is right near there.] And at 1:00 am, we did exactly that.

Fine, I thought, still not learning my lesson, I'll just get a cab and go home. It'll be expensive, but at least I'll get to sleep in my own bed.

Except the powers-that-be decided not to let us off. In fact, they didn't even pull up to the terminal. They did, however, decide that the best idea was to refuel at Dulles, and then fly into National.

I hope that plan makes some sense to you, because it didn't to me.

At that time of night, it takes less than 30 minutes to drive into town from Dulles. Therefore, they could have easily pulled together a couple of buses and driven us into town, and it would have taken 45 minutes, or an hour tops. Probably would have been cheaper than flying a Boeing 717, too. But no. Instead, we got to sit in the freight-loading area of the airport for 90 minutes, plus another 10 for the flight.

Instead of landing at National at 10:45 pm, I landed there at 2:45 am. Which meant that I got to sleep after 3:00, and then got up for work today.

Good night.


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