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Away From Home

Friday, June 17, 2005


Big update here. You've been warned...

We have another roommate now. Here's the story: Back in March, one of Joe's friends heard that we'd be needing a subletter over the summer. Joe told him the price, and the guy said it was too much, and he'd find something cheaper. We chuckled to ourselves, and said OK.

Recently, said friend came crawling back and offered to pay $400/month to sleep on the couch. Basically, it's pure profit for us. The utility bills won't go up much, and it's $400/month that we weren't expecting to get. Sounds like a deal.

Also, our internet is down. Just because, apparently. I'm leeching off the neighbors right now (thank you, insecure wireless connections). Well, sometimes I am -- it keeps dropping the connection (grr). Not only that, but the soonest that Comcast said they could send somebody out here is WEDNESDAY. That's right -- FIVE DAYS from now.

And finally, Express just opened at the mall. (It's a clothing store -- I know, I know, I'd never heard of it either.) They have good dress shirts that retail for $50 on sale for $20. W00t!

I could write more, but I'm sick of typing.


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