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Saturday, June 18, 2005

40 Million Credit Card Numbers Stolen

From the Washington Post (among others):

More than 40 million credit card numbers belonging to U.S. consumers were accessed by a computer hacker and are at risk of being used for fraud, MasterCard International Inc. said yesterday.

In the largest security breach of its kind, MasterCard officials said all credit card brands were affected, including 13.9 million cards bearing the MasterCard label. A spokeswoman for Visa USA Inc. confirmed that 22 million of its card numbers may have been breached, while Discover Financial Services Inc. said it did not yet know if its cards were affected.

Pay very close attention to your credit card statements, people. 40 million cards represents a very sizeable portion of the total number of issued cards -- the chances that your number was stolen is significant.

Just a heads-up.


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