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Away From Home

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Starbucks still sucks

Exciting news from today? Uhh, not really. Instead, I'll lull you to sleep with boring ramblings.

I went and wandered around the mall for a while. Why? No particular reason. I do need new shoes, though. I discovered that all of this year's shoe styles under $100 are awful. I don't need new shoes that badly.

Given yesterday's frustration with Dunkin, I decided to give Starbucks a shot. As expected, there was a majority of white people, and also as expected, the prices were high. The same as downtown, actually, which is particularly noteworthy when you consider that building rents in Wheaton are nowhere close to rents downtown. Even on K Street, the power center of the city, where commercial space is worth more than your firstborn child, the prices are the same as they are here. And to top it all off, the coffee wasn't very good, and I got nothing done.

So I came home, took a nap, and went to Dunkin. Productivity!

The moral of the story, children -- Starbucks is Geneva Stoller, and Dunkin Donuts is Terrible Terry Tate. One keeps you in line, and the other gives you a Badge of Shame. And if anyone gets this joke, post a comment and let me know. My bet is that none of you do.

In other news, I'm going home in a couple weeks! W00! Erin should feel special.


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