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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Stand Up

I went to the mall earlier, because today is The Day. Stand Up was released today.

I got it on DualDisc, which is a new format. I actually had no idea that it even existed. Essentially, it's a CD on one side, and a DVD on the other. This means that it will (supposedly) work in regular CD players, but can also have DVD-Audio as well as video on the other. Stand Up's DVD side has a 5.1-enhanced audio version of the album, as well as a 20-minute video on the making of the album.

I say it "supposedly" works because, well, it does. The CD side plays just fine in my portable CD player (which is 6 years old now), but will not play in my laptop (1.5 years old). The disc is a little thicker than normal, but I know that's not the problem, because the DVD side plays fine. I also don't think it's a copy-protection problem, because I can't even listen to the songs, let alone copy them.

The copy-protection idea also bothers me, because I always make a copy of my CDs before I take them with me. That way I can carry them around without caring if they get scratched, because the original is at home. At the moment, I can't copy the disc at all, which makes me hesitant to carry it with me on the Metro etc.

By the way, such aforementioned copying is legal, under the Fair Use copyright exceptions. See also Sony Corp v. Universal City Studios, Inc, 464 US 417 (1984).

I'm such a nerd. I just got the new album of my favorite band, and here I spent 6 paragraphs talking about the technical side of it. I like the album, a lot. It's different than any of their other albums. It feels very natural, like it just flowed out of them rather than being generated.

Five stars.


  • Hey Scott, I have this Philips stereo system that burns CD's directly without using mp3 and might get right past that blasted copyright protection, not to mention give you a superior copy.

    I'll give it a shot if you desire.

    By Blogger Logan C. Adams, at 5/11/2005 07:22:00 PM  

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