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Away From Home

Thursday, May 19, 2005

The search begins...

In addition to the Montgomery at Wheaton, there's another new development down by the Metro station. This one is townhouses, somewhat similar to ours. Fortunately, they were still under construction. Why is that fortunate? Because buildings under construction are rarely locked.

We walked through them, and one floorplan in particular we really liked. It was a 3 bedroom + den (so, 4 bedrooms for us), on 4 levels. That's right, it's 4 stories tall. Plus, each of the 3 "actual" bedrooms has its own full bath, with tub. Full kitchen, large living room, in-house washer/dryer, 2 car garage. AND, (and this is the best part), it has a rooftop patio. Patio = space for a grill!

A couple of them already show "For Rent" signs, and the asking price is the same neighborhood as what we pay now. Maybe a little more, but not more than an extra $50/person/month.

'twould be nice.


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