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Away From Home

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

It's a great day for baseball

Today was the O's game. Watching the O's, at Camden Yards, in an afternoon game, with free tickets. Does it get better?

I took Joe's digital camera, so that I can bring you, loyal readers, this pictorial essay (aren't you lucky). Click on any picture for a giant-sized version.

As we walked into the stadium on Eutaw Street, we were greeted with this sight. Warehouse on the left, field on the right. And directly in front: Boog's BBQ!

Although I've been to the park twice now, I have not yet had Boog's. I'm waiting on you, Dad.

Note the bright afternoon sunshine. Does it get better than this?

Yes, it does. You know how I said the tickets were third row? I was wrong. This picture was taken from my seat. Yes, I was sitting down in my ticketed seat while this picture was taken.

These seats were so good, the tickets didn't even have prices on them. You have to have connections to get these.

So what were our connections? Jared's mother apparently works at the U of Maryland Med Center, and the seats belong to the hospital director. The director gave them to Jared's mom, who gave them to him. And did I mention they were free?

More game shots from my seat. Note the extreme closeness to the game action.

I expected this game to be a tough one. The Twins were pitching Johan Santana, last year's Cy Young winner.

So of course, we put 4 runs and 9 hits on him, and then tagged the bullpen for 3 more. Their bullpen is not good.

In other news, Brian Roberts is really small (5'8" or so). BJ Ryan is really huge (6'5" or so). And Jay Gibbons is really goofy looking.

Final score: Orioles 7, Twins 4.

It has been a good day.


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