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Away From Home

Monday, May 16, 2005


So my sister graduated from high school today. Yay Erin!

Somehow they got Josh Svaty (from the Kansas House of Representatives) to be the graduation speaker. I don't think he has any connection to Solomon, other than the town being in his district. I guess when you're a politician, you take every opportunity to speak before your constituents that you can get. At least he didn't mention politics.

Then we had a reception for her at the house. It was estimated that 50 people came. I'm relatively certain that's more people than I had.

In response to Logan, yes, my family not only decided they were going to undertake major renovations on the house, but they wanted to get it done before I arrived. And succeeded. The place looks fabulous. They got all new cabinetry, knocked out a wall, and got all new floorings. It's practically a new house.


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