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Away From Home

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Can you have negative energy? The answer is Yes!

I'm completely mentally exhausted. Yesterday's Contracts debacle sapped all the energy I had left.

On the plus side, it appears that I might know this stuff better than I thought. I did a couple of practice hypos and got most of the points. So that's encouraging.

The bad thing, though, is that tomorrow's exam is going to be the easiest of all. Yes, that is bad. It's bad because that means that it's harder for one person (namely, me) to rise above the rest by catching a hidden subpoint or two. On this exam, there will be no hidden subpoints. All of the issues jump out at you. Honestly, I don't know how anyone can do significantly better than anyone else.

Unless it turns out that a good portion of the class does not understand the material. Which is definitely possible, because our professor was terrible at explaining things. The only reason I somewhat know it is because I've been using secondary sources.

Someone send me some energy quick, so I can go over this stuff a few more times.


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