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Away From Home

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Lost: Ability to focus. Will pay reward.

I am completely and utterly unable to focus. It's like my brain has dialed out already, one week early. It absolutely refuses to accept the fact that I really need to learn the Erie doctrine, claim preclusion, the rules of discovery, and all of the other topics that'll be on Thursday's Civil Procedure exam. Then there's Tuesday's Contracts II final to take care of....

But for some reason, I'm done. I don't know if I'm just burned out from doing nothing but studying law, or what it is.

I do think that part of the problem is that I'm not used to being 100% focused on one thing. This is the first year since I was a sophomore in high school that I haven't had a job during the school year. I miss the ability to go to school, then put school aside for several hours while I go to work, and come back to homework in the evening. Work provided a nice break, a nice change of pace, from the repetition of learning.

The, ah, "other" distractions I've had this year have not, to say the least, had the same refreshing effect that working always had.

Oh well. One more week, and it's over. I'm going to Dunkin --


  • Here's my focusing method:

    Imagine a ring, in your mind. Make it rotate on end. That is all your thoughts, going around and around.

    Split it into two circumcentric rings, rotating on end around the same point, but one rotating on an axis 90 degrees off from another. The point of intersection moves, and they have mass, just like your thoughts. Don't worry about it being physically impossible, these are your thoughts and they can do that.

    Start splitting those rings apart into more and more, each with its own axis, until you've got a rotating ring for each thought. Keep it going, keep it going, that's good.

    Now here's the fun part. Take this great mess of thoughts, all rotating about and driving you nuts, and go trash-compactor on them. I'm talking every last bit of it down to a single point. Zero volume, all of it , all in one little bit.

    This is all your thoughts, and you own them. You arranged them, you compacted them, they are yours, and you control them. And if they don't want to exist in this cramped place, they're going to do what they're told.

    Then let them expand, and they'll behave themselves. Now Study!

    By Blogger Logan C. Adams, at 4/30/2005 09:34:00 PM  

  • Neat idea, except --

    A point with mass and no volume (literally, just a point) is called a singularity. In physics, singularities are black holes. When something enters a black hole, it never comes out.

    So, you want me to throw my thoughts into a black hole, where I cannot recover them?

    Ooo, or alternately, you want me to explode the singularity. This has happened before -- once. The big bang. Now all of the mass is traveling infinitely outward, destined to become more and more sparse, until every particle is cold, dark, and very much alone.

    Which may be a more apt metaphor than I had originally thought.

    By Blogger Scott, at 4/30/2005 11:55:00 PM  

  • The idea is to tell your thoughts who is boss, no matter what physics tells you. It isn't easy to ignore them, I will admit, those pesky laws of physics.

    It's all in your head, bud.

    By Blogger Logan C. Adams, at 5/01/2005 01:09:00 PM  

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